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Polizzotto & Polizzotto, LLC, with offices in Brooklyn, specializes in general civil litigation. Our attorneys advocate for both plaintiffs and defendants in civil disputes.

We are often involved in contract disputes and real estate litigation, in addition to litigation involving family law and real estate. Conflicts arising from construction and property repair or remodeling are common cases that we litigate.

Franchising licenses and non-payment of royalties have been the subject of litigation. In cases where eminent domain is invoked in order to condemn property, we are qualified to represent or advocate. We have represented clients in lawsuits involving failed payments for goods or unreturned promissory notes. Whether an individual or business – employees or employers – is accusing us of various grievances, we can defend them. Even when our clients are really at fault, we remain committed to keeping penalties fair. We ask the courts to consider things such as:

  • A mistake was truly made?
  • In that case, are all the other side’s claims true?
  • Exactly what wrong was committed, and to what extent was it serious?
  • Is it possible that the accusation is motivated by insurance fraud?
  • What penalty is appropriate in these circumstances?

Irrespective of which side of the litigation we represent, we aim to obtain fair results that comply with existing laws and societal norms by using all our experience, knowledge and effectiveness.

Several other practice areas are also handled by our firm.

  • Planning and administration of estates
  • The Law of the Elders
  • The real estate industry
  • Legislation for businesses

Brooklyn law firms

With offices in Brooklyn, our New York civil litigation lawyers have a track record of successful business lawsuits and aggressive advocacy. We are able to settle litigation cases before going to court in some cases.

For a free consultation if you are considering (or facing) a civil lawsuit, contact our Lawyers for civil suits in Brooklyn, NY. Whether you are planning or preparing to respond to a civil suit, we can provide the most professional and effective evaluation.

Additionally, Brooklyn civil litigation lawyers handle civil rights law, so you will need to hire a civil rights lawyer. When a person’s civil rights have been violated, a civil rights lawyer and their law firm will begin litigation with their litigation lawyers. Lawyers who specialize in civil rights cases determine if a person’s civil rights have been violated and who did it. Lawyers who practice civil litigation are civil rights lawyers in Brooklyn. Lawyers who practice civil litigation handle civil rights cases. Whether it is a civil litigation attorney serving New York City or a civil litigation attorney serving Brooklyn, all have one goal in mind, which is to win the case for their clients. No matter whether they specialize in civil rights law or civil litigation, their primary goal is to win their clients’ cases. Litigation lawyers working in civil litigation in New York City will know the inner workings of New York City’s civil litigation lawyers regardless of their practice areas, whether it is family law, personal injury, real estate, or residential real estate.


Civil litigation lawyers at any law firm practicing with civil rights lawyers or practicing with Brooklyn lawyers will offer a free consultation so they can assess the case’s merits. Before deciding whether or not civil litigation lawyers should be involved, civil litigation lawyers need to know what type of civil litigation case you are involved with. A law firm practicing personal injury will assess the client’s damages or liability first. To determine the rights of the parties, law offices that are involved in commercial litigation must first determine the rights of the parties involved. First, civil rights lawyers determine whether the law firm should be handling the case or even if one exists. Research will be required by a law firm before it can determine if there is a case. A free consultation may not suffice. During a free consultation, an attorney may not be able to determine if a client has a strong case or a strong defense.¬†

It is not outlandish or wrong on the part of the civil litigation lawyers to ask for more time to make a decision. A person who has been injured should not pay any money out of pocket to the civil rights lawyer. The law office and the public rights lawyers may need to charge you upfront for their investigation that goes beyond the free consultation if you are a defendant.


Civil litigants working with a New York City law firm will utilize the resources of their law office and law firm to find the right civil litigation lawyers to work on their case. These attorneys serve Brooklyn. The New York City law firm will handle cases from New York City. Those relating to civil rights will be handled by civil rights lawyers. Lawyers who specialize in civil litigation will handle civil litigation cases.


A civil litigation lawyer must establish and maintain a relationship with their client on the basis of trust and confidence. In civil litigation, lawyers and their clients must have an open relationship to avoid disaster for all parties. Nothing can hurt a civil litigation lawyer and their client more than a surprise at trial because the client lied to them.


Civil litigation lawyers in Brooklyn are aware that the free consultation is a great equalizer between themselves and their clients in the confines of their law offices. During a free and confidential consultation, all cards are on the table. In order for a law office to serve clients in Brooklyn, it needs to provide a level of comfort for the clients, allowing lawyers serving Brooklyn to determine if this is the right law office to handle the client’s case or if they should consider other lawyers serving Brooklyn.


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