Try Offering Credit To Customers And You Will Accelerate Your Growth

In today’s business world, credit for customers is the critical action to be able to grow & expand as planned. We all are aware about the fact that credits are considered to be the better way in which an individual can get support and get rid of issues in a short time duration. There is the most effective way to do this is to synchronize schedules of your accounts payables and receivables. Maintaining the effective accounting system is must to sustain the smooth operation. A guideline about you & your suppliers or customer’s payment policy have to be established & followed in cases of non-payment & delayed payments. This policy must contain details about business’s collection terms, penalties for the relevant number of days delay, & a clear schedule of the payment due dates. Creating the favorable credit for your business needs to establish the favorable payment habits & set-up an efficient collection policy to synchronize the cash flow.  This is one of the trusted way in which an individual gets support from liabilities.

There is then something of the expectation from those we do business with that we might end up extending the credits along with the offers depending upon the reasonable terms and conditions all the time. However, just because we empathise with others in business community & are aware of the need to offer credit to customers, this doesn’t mean that we should leave ourselves without protection; business is far from risk free & although extending credit is commercially the sound move it is prudent to be choosy about who you offer it to.

Obtaining the best credit for business loan terms and accelerated insight platform largely depends on the financial records, business performance and retail consumer financing. Creditors need to know if the company manages the cash flow better by evaluating effectiveness & efficiency of your business accounting system. An effective and efficient collection system will help to set-up a solid financial back up for your business’s operations. It includes the collection dates, terms of collections, deposits, amount of receivables, payment progress, and extensions of credits in cases of delayed payments. Setting up the standard accounting system would mean setting up the standard collection & payment system of your business. It allows more flexibility as you can monitor & forecast cash availability, collections & disbursements or bills payments, and incoming sales.

Before offering credit –

  • Check out the market competition. You might find that your competitors are not offering credit to their customers; it means that you have a great commercial advantage by extending the credit terms or that you can choose to refrain from offering credit without any disadvantage.
  • Check customers’ income levels. When first offering credit to customer proof of income should be taken and ask for accounts information to authenticate figures.
  • Not every consumer is equal. There is nothing wrong with offering credit to all customers but varying terms depending on each one’s trading history; those consumers very new to business should perhaps expect the shorter terms or lower sums.
  • Check the customers’ credit history. It is easy enough to check & a good indication of any previous problems. If you have accounts department, assign the team to carryout & record all tasks routinely.
  • Obtain trade references. Looking to others who have done business in past with your customer can be useful way to establish the payment habits, and turning up the past issues, you may find out some other useful information about how customer pays.

A good view of the business’s financial system gives creditors a good idea of how much credit they are going to extend & in what sort of terms is favorable for you that is just suitable to the level of risks which they are taking. An operational accounting system particularly a well-synchronized collection & payment dates gives any organization more flexibility to meet needs of suppliers, creditors, vendors, & clients. Offering credit facilities to clienteles also tend to generate more sales since the business nowadays is more concerned with obtaining more credit for business rather than using the cash-to-cash basis form of sales strategy.

The effective collection system, accounting system, and policy will help sustain company’s short-term needs of working or revolving capital. It will aid the business in creating a very remarkable profile where creditors might offer favorable credit for business options & terms. Obtaining higher credit score & favorable types of credit options is all about collection strategy and policy. Request a deposit from consumers before placing orders to your goods so you might be able to secure your order deposit needs to your suppliers. Speed is another issue which is important. Consumers today are exploring for fast and easy answers. The more streamlined your credit policy is, the happier your prospects will be. If it is easy & fast, your customer will be happy & spread the word.


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